All-in-one recruitment tool

for delivering the best candidate experience
and boosting your team workflow
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Companies are built on finding great talent

Easily create your customized application forms and share job posts across multiple channels in seconds. Design your career page with no tech skills required and improve employer branding.

  • Custom Recruitment Process
  • Career Page Generator
  • Data Import Wizard
  • Job Boards Integration

Create the perfect recruitment experience for you and your candidates

Drag and drop your candidates through your custom hiring stages. Automate email notifications based on your actions in the candidate pipeline to shorten the time to hire.

  • Candidate Timeline
  • Email Templates
  • Recruiter Dashboard
  • Notifications and Reminders

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Keep your candidate’s data safe and GDPR compliant

Be sure in knowing your processes are complying with the latest data security policies. Easily collect candidate permissions and get instant updates and notifications of changes allowing you to focus on finding the right people.

  • Consents Data
  • Storage Permission
  • Reminders
  • Account Security

Optimize your resources and scale what works

Robust reporting options allow you to know what worked at every step of the recruitment process. Improve your hiring workflow and invest in the right job boards based on data.

  • Time to hire analysis
  • Outreach management 
  • Team effectiveness tracking
  • API

Boost team productivity

Invite team members or clients to collaborate on hiring processes so you exchange information faster and find great people faster.

  • Free Hiring Manager Roles
  • Manage users’ access
  • Share candidates’ profiles
  • Add notes and rate candidates 


Integrate with leading job boards and daily tools to optimize your entire recruitment experience.

Discover all Traffit's features during a 14-day trial!