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TRAFFIT is an online tool that solves your recruitment problems such as: posting job offers, sourcing candidates or hiring best candidates faster.
TRAFFIT Recruitment
TRAFFIT is a simple tool, which helps recruiters in posting job offers, managing candidates, sending them personalized messages and arranging meetings with the most suitable ones.

We solve your biggest recruiting challenges.

TRAFFIT Candidates

Finding the best candidates

Publish job offers from TRAFFIT on popular websites and enlist candidates from Facebook or Linkedin


Verifying all applications from job boards and emails

TRAFFIT verifies your candidates’ resumes, evaluates them and reminds you of candidates you might have forgotten.

TRAFFIT Comunications

Cooperation with managers and other recruiters

Invite other recruiters and managers to your processes with ease, by sharing the candidate profile.

TRAFFIT Comunications

Reducing recruitment costs

See where your best candidates come from and learn which recruiters are most effective.

Find the best candidates

We know that you get your candidates from different sources, such as job boards, social networking sites or recommendations from the employees. In TRAFFIT you have them all in one place - the candidate base.

Mailbox and Calendar
TRAFFIT automatically cooperates with your mailbox and then presents to you comprehensive history of correspondence within a candidate profile.

Searching in the content of documents
Search for the needed data by looking through CVs and emails.

Candidates from your mailbox
TRAFFIT automatically analyses your mail box, identifies CVs and creates appropriate candidate profiles.

A new way of recruiting

TRAFFIT will make recruiting much easier, no matter how many recruitment processes you have to manage yearly. Adjust the recruitment process to your business and then publish job offers on your website, social media or selected job boards with one click of a mouse.

Quick look at the resume
Look through all candidates from your mailbox or job boards gathered in one place.

TRAFFIT analyzes candidate base going through resumes, e-mails and notes and then proposes to you the best candidates, before you think of posting a job offer.

Like, rate, invite others
Share a candidate profile with another recruiter or manager so you can choose the best one together.

Analyze, optimize and reduce recruitment costs

Based on interactive reports, you can save your time and money by choosing only those job boards which appear most effective. Detailed figures will show you the strengths and weaknesses of your recruitment processes.

Recruitments statistic
See how many recruitment processes are successful and how long it takes to close them.

Candidates report
See where your best candidates come from, when and why candidates drop out and what you can change for a better candidate experience.

Engage recruiters
Learn which team members are most active in finding candidates, reviewing meetings, sending emails and scheduling meetings.

It's the end of the ATS software, we set a new standard in HR tools.

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