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TRAFFIT Recruitment
Applicant tracking system trusted by a growing number of successful companies, both corporate and small business:

The solution for recruitment agencies and HR departments

TRAFFIT Candidates

Reach only the best candidates

Traffit publishes your job offers simultaneously on many popular job websites and suggests prospective candidates from Facebook and LinkedIn


Quickly analyze incoming applications

Traffit reads resumes sent by candidates, evaluates them in relation to job requirements and reminds you of candidates you might have overlooked.

TRAFFIT Comunications

Cooperation with managers and other recruiters

Traffit allows you to easily invite anyone – other recruiters, superiors, or clients – to evaluate selected candidates and help you in the decision-making.

TRAFFIT Comunications

Speed up processes and lower recruitment costs

Traffit allows you to find out which of your job offers are most active, and tracks the efficiency of each recruiter in your team.

Win the best candidates

Traffit gathers candidates gathered from different sources into one intuitive database.

Mailbox and calendar
Manage all your emails and interviews while in a candidate’s profile.

Advanced search
Easily search for keywords in the candidate database, including resumes and emails.

TRAFFIT Recruitment
TRAFFIT Recruitment

Smooth out processes

Traffit allows you to adjust the process to meet your needs and automate the most tedious tasks.

Automatic candidate rating
Traffit analyzes resumes, emails, and your notes, and suggests the best candidates before you publish the job offer.

Invitations to co-recruit
Share selected candidates’ profiles with superiors and clients, so that you can pick the perfect candidate together.

Analyze results and lower costs

Traffit measures the average duration of your recruitments, the effectiveness of job websites, and the efficiency of your team.

Candidates report
See where your best candidates come from, when and why candidates drop out and what you can change for a better candidate experience.

Recruiters report
Track the level of engagement of each recruiter in your team: how they source candidates, the number of sent emails and interviews held.

TRAFFIT Recruitment
TRAFFIT Recruitment

Happy clients on three continents

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Over 3,500 successful recruiters in 15 countries use Traffit. Now it’s your turn to join them.