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What Can You Do with Traffit?
Create Recruitment Headquarters
Keep all your tools - candidate database, mailbox, calendar, and job boards, all in one place.
Build Your Talent Pool
Gather potential candidates from all sources into an intuitive and searchable database.
Manage Your CRM
Manage contacts with your clients, monitor, and report all activities related to them.
Improve Your Candidate Experience
Keep your candidates up-to-date on their progress using automatic notifications.
Ensure Data Security
Collect and store all data in an encrypted, fully backed-up, GRPR-compliant system.
Build Your Employer Branding
Update your Career page and open vacancies list with one click.
Automate Your Recruitments
Automate the most tedious tasks, and let Traffit dig out the best candidates among your applicants.
Gather Recruitment Intelligence
Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your procedures and of your team.
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A must-have tool for building candidate experience
Traffit in a modern, flexible system that not only supports recruitment processes, but also allows for building solid foundations for your company’s candidate experience. One of its biggest advantages is flexibility that helps to build a unique approach to candidates. Moreover, Traffit Team listens to customers carefully and is open for suggestions and improvements. As a result, the system develops hand in hand with our company’s strategy. Traffit is definitely a good choice!
Agnieszka Niemirowicz
National Concept Manager
Traffit automates tasks, measures effectiveness and can be customized
Traffit allows you to automate your recruitment processes which in turn will save you a lot of time and effort. It also makes it easier to track the effectiveness of your actions and to ensure full GDPR-compliance. Traffit is intuitive, can be customized and is constantly developed. I recommend Traffit to both recruitment agencies and internal HR departments.
Natalia Bogdan
Traffit makes your work organized and easier
Traffit makes your day-to-day HR work easier. Using it helps to organize your processes, and to find that perfect candidate in your database. Also, Traffit Team is very quick to resolve any technical difficulties you may encounter.
Paulina Gwiazda
Junior Recruitment Specialist,
An intuitive system created by experts
Traffit is an intuitive and professional system for managing candidates in recruitment. But even more importantly, Traffit is also a team of experts that supports your daily work with this tool.
Marta Surmacz
Implementation Manage
Traffit keeps all your tools - mailbox, calendar, LinkedIn - in one place. Integration with your website allows you to publish new job offers directly from Traffit. Integration with Slack makes it possible to publish information about each new applicant on your company chat.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
What Is an Applicant Tracking System and What Does It Do?

An applicant tracking system – or ATS – is software used for the electronic handling of recruitment processes. An ATS offers features that allow you to acquire, communicate with, and manage candidates – as well as publish job advertisements, set up and manage application forms, and generate detailed reports. Typically, ATS-es can be integrated with popular services (e.g. email providers and social media platforms), as well as with internal systems (e.g. payroll).

Who Uses Applicant Tracking Systems?

ATS-es are widely used by recruitment agencies and internal HR departments at companies of many different types and sizes. They are also commonly used by self-employed headhunters.

Why Are ATS-es Important?

Applicant tracking systems are important for a number of reasons:

  • They allow for the organization of your data and processes. All of your candidates are stored in an intuitive, secure, and GDPR-compliant database that can be easily browsed and managed.
  • ATS-es save you time and effort as they automate most of the repetitive recruiting tasks like adding, analyzing, and tagging candidates.
  • ATS-es allow you to create your own talent pool. This is particularly useful when you have a new vacancy. Instead of paying for job advertisements and starting the recruitment process from scratch, you can search for the perfect candidate directly from your database.
  • ATS-es gather the data necessary to allow you to track the effectiveness of your actions and procedures – all while optimizing costs! You can also generate and export detailed reports on different aspects of your recruitment process.
How Can an ATS Improve the Candidate Selection Process?

An ATS can help you to:

  • Build and browse your candidate database (i.e. talent pool) with all of the data in one place.
  • Easily publish job advertisements on many popular job sites.
  • Analyze application sources and measure the effectiveness of each one.
  • Avoid neglecting candidates thanks to system reminders and suggestions. 
  • Communicate with candidates efficiently and keep them up-to-date on their progress through the recruitment process. 
  • Create message templates, set up automatic thank-you messages, and generate status updates to be sent to candidates.
Can ATS-es Read Resume Files, Cover Letters, PDFs, and Other Common File Formats?

Yes they can! The best ATS-es on the market can automatically scan and read documents that are saved in different formats like MS Word files, PDFs, and more! Then, the information is interpreted and placed into the corresponding fields within the candidate profile. Also, all of this data is searchable!

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