System Administrator Job Description

System Administrator Job Description

Utilize this free System Administrator job description template during your next hiring process. Perfect for both job boards and career pages, you can customize it easily to match your company values and ensure you get the right candidates. 

What is the System Administrator role?

In information technology (IT), a system administrator (sysadmin) is a person who supports a multi-user computing environment and ensures continuous, optimal performance of IT services and support systems. System administrator job responsibilities vary greatly depending on the size of the organization. 

System Administrator

We are looking for a System Administrator who will join our organisation and will take responsibility for maintenance, configuration and administration of the company’s computer network as well as hardware and software. One of your main roles will be ensuring that our technology infrastructure operates smoothly and effectively.


  • Managing our computer infrastructure, including hardware and software. 
  • Overseeing servers work and making sure that everything works efficiently.
  • Installing and upgrading computers elements and software.
  • Taking care of the user accounts, permissions, accesses, and storage allocations. 
  • Ensuring all data and systems safety by creating regular back ups. 
  • Providing technical support when needed. 
  • Running diagnostics to occuring technical problems and documenting solution cases for the future sake.
  • Researching new ideas and solutions in order to constantly improve and upgrade safety and networked computer systems.


  • Previous experience as a System Administrator.
  • Knowledge of SQL and database functioning. 
  • Basic programming skills. 
  • Technical and management understanding. 
  • Critical thinking and problem solving attitude.
  • Good interpersonal skills. 
  • Knowledge of various operating systems. 
  • Hands-on experience with technical equipment.


  • Competitive Base Salary. 
  • Attractive Compensation Structure. 
  • {Enter Awesome Custom Company Benefits Here}

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