HR Manager Job Description

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What is the HR Manager role?

The Human Resources Manager is an individual within an organization responsible for hiring new employees, supervising employee evaluations, mediation between employees and bosses as necessary, and general overseeing of the personnel department.

HR Manager

Our company is looking for a communicative and energetic person who will join our HR team as HR Manager. In this position you will be mainly responsible for managing human resources procedures before and after a successful hire. You will take care of recruitment activities to find best talents and later to help develop hired employees within the company. Your role will be also to build and manage relations inside the company.


  • Assessing the company’s hiring needs and preparing an adequate recruitment process and activities. 
  • Preparing and posting job descriptions. 
  • Reviewing resumes, contacting chosen candidates and arranging interview meetings.
  • Conducting interviews. 
  • Managing training and development programs.
  • Preparing and overseeing benefits packages. 
  • Implementing HR policies within the organization. 
  • Controlling HR budget. 
  • Responding to employees’ needs and questions.


  • Proven experience as a HR Manager or in a similar role. 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, both written and verbal. 
  • Problem-solving and can-do attitude. 
  • Good knowledge of labor legislation and payroll processes.
  • Creative mind. 
  • Knowledge of ATS systems is a plus.


  • Competitive Base Salary. 
  • Attractive Compensation Structure. 
  • {Enter Awesome Custom Company Benefits Here}

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