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Candidate base

Candidate base is where all of your candidates who applied in response to job offers, e-mails, or via social media are displayed. TRAFFIT automatically analyses your mail box, identifies CVs and creates appropriate candidate profiles. Thus, you will never miss even one candidate.

Advanced filters will let you manage not only candidates in the course of a recruitment process, but also candidates from the finished processes.

The search engine analyses all information on candidates together with the documentation enclosed to their profiles. From now on, you will find candidates who meet your requirements easily.

Candidate profile

You have all relevant information on your candidate in one place – recruitment processes they have been through, notes made by recruiters, documentation, arranged meetings or meetings which have already taken place together with e-mail correspondence.

Thus, even when you go back to a given person, you know their recruitment history in detail.

Communicating with candidates

TRAFFICT automatically cooperates with your mailbox and then presents to you comprehensive history of correspondence within a candidate profile. From now on, you will never miss any e-mails. Additionally, you can observe who of your coworkers messaged the candidate in the past.

Accurately designed templates will enable you to send personalized notices to selected candidates, which will improve your company's image.

You can send e-mails directly from TRAFFIT, from e-mail application on your phone or Outlook on your computer – everything magically synchronizes.

Handling recruitment processes

TRAFFIT will make recruiting much easier, no matter how many recruitment processes in a year you have to manage. Recruitment panel shows all candidates taking part in the process together with detailed information on the very specific stage each candidate is at.

Friendly notifications in the corner of the screen will remind you of, e.g. deadlines concerning giving feedback to appropriate candidates. Upon logging to TRAFFIT, the system will present to you new candidates, who applied via e-mail or in response to a published job offer in the meantime. Since now on, no candidates will ever 'get lost' and each of them will receive personalized feedback.

Recruitment Process

TRAFFIT represents an innovative way of managing recruitment. It is worth noticing, that you on your own decide what the process should look like in your company. You specify particular steps, which are taken by recruiters to employ candidates and the system helps you to do that in an intelligent way.

Stepping to the next phase of the recruitment process, TRAFFIT automatically creates new meeting in your calendar, books a room or sends an e-mail to the candidate with the details of the meeting.

In the appropriate moment, the system reminds you of candidates you met or planned to contact and tries to elicit next steps.

Functional calendar

A calendar is one of the basic tools in each recruiter's work. Thanks to TRAFFIT, using your calendar becomes much easier and nicer.

Regardless of your location at a particular moment, synchronization of the system and your Google or Outlook calendar facilitates arranging meetings. You can use any device to invite candidates to meetings and the candidate profile will update automatically.

TRAFFIT will propose a convenient day and then it will send a personalized invitation to the meeting.

Fitting your needs

We are aware of the fact, that every company differs. Outsourcing companies, employment agencies, internal HR departments – they all have a different approach to managing recruitment processes. Employing temporary workers, specialist or internal managers – these recruitment processes also differ.

You decide how your TRAFFIT looks and what data you want to use. You design the look of the "career" tab on your website and decide on the content of messages sent to candidates. Our recruitment system fits your needs, not the other way round.

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